Making fossil-free living possible within one generation: That is our mission. We've come a long way, but together we can achieve much more. That's why we work with partners, like car manufacturers, lease companies, and other companies who want to help us reach a fossil-free world faster.

Partnership and co-creation

We believe it is important to offer added value. Not only to our partners, but also for our mutual customers. And we don't come up with the solution alone. Through co-creation, we arrive at a service that contributes to fossil-free travel.


Charging solutions for consumers, businesses and municipalities since 2009


Thanks to our many years of experience, we have extensive market and product knowledge


To help our partners along the way, we offer a tailor-made partner toolkit


DELTA Energie

Energy supplier

DELTA Energie is an energy supplier in Zeeland. Since 2016, this partner and a subsidiary of Vattenfall has supplied 100% green electricity to all its customers.


Working together with DELTA




Car manufacturer

Hyundai is the only car brand offering all types of sustainable vehicle models: Fully electric, (plug-in) hybrid, and hydrogen. Choosing us as a sustainability partner is therefore a logical step.

Working together with Hyundai


Restaurant chain

McDonald's is the largest restaurant chain in the world. New restaurants, better products, and sustainable business practices are very important to this partner.

Working together with McDonald's

Innovation partners


Induction charging

Together with innovation company Elways and construction and infrastructure company NCC, we have developed a global first: A road on which electric cars are charged while driving.


We are the first in the world to enable flexible charging. But we don't do it alone. For example, we work together with the Municipality of Amsterdam, ElaadNL, Liander and AUAS.


The InCharge charging network

Together with our partners, we have one of the largest charging networks in Europe: InCharge. This network is active in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Sweden, and is being expanded further. In this way we make it possible to travel emission-free at home and abroad.


Become a partner

When you become a partner with us, you will benefit from:

  • Offer your customers an attractive discount or service
  • Gain an experienced and reliable partner
  • Help make fossil-free living within one generation possible

Call us at 088 363 7991. We are available on working days between 08:00 and 20:00.

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