DELTA Energie is an energy supplier in Zeeland and one of our subsidiaries. Since 2016, they have only supplied 100% green electricity. Thanks to our collaboration, DELTA business customers can now also offer charging stations as an extra service to their employees and visitors.


How we work together


Together with Vattenfall, DELTA Energie offers charging stations for the business market. This can be for companies who want to offer an extra service for employees and visitors, or for businesses that want to offer charging stations on their own property for a wider audience. We take care of everything, from application to installation.  

Our offer is suitable for every company, but because of the many tourists in Zeeland, especially for companies who are active in the catering, recreation or leisure sectors. Electric drivers choose a destination much faster if there is a charging station available. "There are still many opportunities there for smaller entrepreneurs, because you are tapping into a new target group," says Roel Meijerink, CEO of DELTA Energie.

Companies that buy a charging station and have a DELTA Energie energy contract automatically offer green energy to their users. In this way, they too contribute easily to making fossil-free life possible.






We have a complete range and a lot of expertise in the field of charging stations.

Roel Meijerink, CEO of DELTA Energie

The choice Vattenfall InCharge

More and more people are driving electric, also in Zeeland. That's why we need more charging stations. "And quickly, too", says Meijerink. "Efficient processes and experienced experts are needed to speed up the process. That is why we made the choice to put together an offer with our parent company Vattenfall. Vattenfall InCharge already has a complete offer and a lot of expertise in the field of charging stations."


Become a partner too

If you partner with us, you'll:

  • Offer your customers an attractive discount or service;
  • Choose an experienced and reliable partner;
  • Contribute to enabling fossil-free living.

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