Electric driving plays an important role in making the world around us more sustainable. That is why we do everything to make electric driving as worry-free as possible - for example, by building one of the largest charging networks in Northern Europe, and by helping consumers and companies with their charging stations and charging infrastructure.

With 20,000 colleagues in the Netherlands and beyond

We are one of the largest energy suppliers of electricity and heat in Europe. And we're leading the way when it comes to sustainability. For example, we not only help the consumers and companies who use energy with us, but also the world around us. Until 2019, Nuon was our name. Now we go by Vattenfall, the name of our parent company. With 20,000 colleagues in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, France, and Norway, we're working towards our mission: Enabling fossil-free living within one generation.


Full focus on electric driving

 We go beyond delivering renewable energy. We also work to make fossil-free travel possible, for example by installing as many public charging stations as possible, so that people with an electric car can charge their car when and where they need to. We also help consumers and companies with charging stations at home and at work. In our InCharge app you can see all of our charging stations, in the Netherlands and beyond.


We're going for 200,000 charging stations in 2030

 The need to keep the world around us clean grows by the day. That is why we are fully committed to growing our charging network, so that people can charge their electric cars at home, at work, and on the go. About 120,000 people already charge their cars at one of our charging stations. That is good for 67 million kilometers without CO2 emissions. And that's just the beginning. In 2030 we're going for 200,000 charging stations. This way we make electric driving as worry-free as possible.


Everything about electric driving

No more benzine or diesel in your car, just electricity: An important step on the road to fossil-free living. See the most important topics around electric driving and charging.

Everything about electric driving




Every day we answer questions about electric driving and charging. We have listed the frequently asked questions for you here.



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