If you are looking for a charging station nearby, download our Vattenfall InCharge app. This allows you to see all public charging stations on one clear map and immediately see the rate you pay there.

Handy in the app

Charging station overviews

 Always find a public charging station nearby, quickly and easily.

Charging rates

You can see the charging costs at each charging point with a Vattenfall InCharge charging card.


Navigate to a charging station nearby in one click.

How to charge with a credit card in the Vattenfall InCharge app

  • Download the Vattenfall InCharge app for Android or iOS

  • Open the app and go to ‘Payment’

  • Add your credit card

  • Plug the charging cable into your car and the charging station

  • Select the charging station in the app

  • Click on ‘Start’ to start the charging session

  • Click on ‘Stop’ to end the charging session

  • Disconnect your charging cable

Good to know about charging with a credit card


•  Credit card charging works only at Vattenfall InCharge charging stations.

•  You pay the same charging fee we with your Vattenfall InCharge charging card.

•  The amount will be automatically debited from your credit card. If you have entered your email address, you will receive the payment confirmation by email within a few minutes of your charging session.


See charging rates

In the app, you can see the charging rate at each charging station.

To the charging rates


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No more benzine or diesel in your car, just electricity: An important step on the road to fossil-free living. See the most important topics around electric driving and charging.

Everything about electric driving




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