Together with McDonald's, we are providing more and more public charging stations where you can charge quickly. See at which McDonald's restaurants you can quickly charge your car and what it costs.

Hundreds of fast charging stations at McDonald’s

More and more people are driving electric, so the need for charging stations is growing. That's why we are expanding the number of public charging stations together with McDonald's.

At the end of 2018, we installed the first InCharge fast charger at a McDonald's restaurant in Amsterdam Osdorp. In the next three years, we installed another 167 fast chargers, each with two charging points.

With each fast charger, you use 100% fossil-free electricity, generated by Dutch wind turbines.


Fast charge at these McDonald’s restaurants 

On this map, you can see all McDonald's restaurants where you can fast charge. Below the map you will find a list of locations. Click on it to open each location in Google Maps.


Fast and affordable charging at McDonald's

€ 0,55 per kWh, incl. VAT.


Discover all charging rates with our charging card

Our knowledge of charging and the accessibility of McDonald's: A combination that gives electric driving an enormous boost.

Pieter van Ommeren, director of Vattenfall InCharge

Proud of our collaboration


“In order to enable all Dutch people to drive electric, a good charging network with enough and easily accessible charging stations is important. Together with McDonald's we are taking a great step in that direction," says Pieter van Ommeren, director of Vattenfall InCharge.

"We are very proud of this collaboration. We want to make fossil-free living possible at home, at work, and on the road. That is why we have been making electric driving as easy as possible for everyone since 2009.”

Bas Klaassen, Director of Real Estate & Construction Development at McDonald's: "We are very happy, because this way we can offer our guests with an electric car a super fast charger."