Until January 6 2021, we processed the placement requests for the municipality of Amsterdam and assessed the incoming data. Since 7 January 2021, the municipality of Amsterdam has been doing this itself. Therefore, this application portal is closed. You can submit your placement request on the website of the municipality of Amsterdam.

The free Vattenfall InCharge charging card

 With a charging card, you can charge your electric car at a charging station. You do not pay any subscription costs for our charging card.

The free Vattenfall InCharge app

With the Vattenfall InCharge app, you can see all nearby charging stations in one overview.

View your charging sessions in My InCharge

You can see your charging sessions online on your My InCharge account.

Fast charging at McDonald's

At various McDonald's restaurants, you can quickly charge your electric car in half an hour.

Flexible charging with Flexpower

With Flexpower, you charge even more sustainably: Flexpower charging stations take into account off-peak and peak hours and whether the sun is shining.


Everything about electric driving

How sustainable is an electric car? What do you pay per kilometer? What exactly is the situation with charge cards and what are the tax rules regarding electric driving? Here is everything you want to know about electric driving in one convenient place.

Everything about electric driving




Every day we answer questions about electric driving and charging. We have listed the frequently asked questions for you here.




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