Fossil-free living. Electric driving.

Fossil-free living within one generation, that is our mission. Electric driving is an important part of this goal.
That is why we make it as easy as possible for people and organisations to choose electric driving.
InCharge charging network and our smart charging solutions for the home,
at work and on the go make electric driving carefree for you.


Benefits of our charging network


More than 85,000 charging points in the Netherlands and beyond 


Fossil-free: 100% powered by our own windmills 

Hello municipality, can we help you with electric driving?

Since 2009, we have been helping all kinds of municipalities in the Netherlands with the planning, installation and management of charging stations in public spaces - and everything that comes with it.

Why choose us:  

  • We have experience with small municipalities, large municipalities, and entire regions with countless municipalities. Just ask the Noord-Brabant and Limburg provinces, or the municipality of Amsterdam.
  • As an energy company, we understand the bigger picture of the energy transition. We can think along with you from a broad perspective about the important energy issues surrounding electric driving - and help you on your way to fossil-free living.
  • We are known for innovation. Take a look at what we do with the proactive placement of charging stations using smart algorithms.


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The newest technology

Technological development is at the heart of what we do. This means that we are leading the way today and are already working on how we will continue to lead tomorrow.

1. Smart Charging

We use the available power as smartly as possible, by charging less during peak hours and more during off-peak hours. Or we recycle mega batteries.

2. Vehicle to grid

What if an electric car is not only an electric car, but also a backup battery for an entire power grid?

3. OCPP 2.0

We are making our charging network smarter by allowing charging stations to communicate as smartly and quickly as possible. We do this by using systems to manage those charging stations, for example with OCPP 2.0 technology.

4. ISO 15118

By working according to the technical protocol ISO 15118, we ensure, among other things, that you'll no longer need a charging card in the future.


5. Digital security

Cyber criminals are getting smarter. But we always stay one step ahead of them by continuously investing in the security of the systems we use.

6. And much more

Developments in electric driving are moving as fast as an (electric) train. We think that's fantastic! We're happy to lead the way.



How to request a public charging station

You can request a public charging station from us if you

  • live or work in one of the municipalities affiliated with us in North Brabant or Limburg (otherwise you can contact your municipality);
  • do not have your own property, such as a garage, driveway, or the possibility to buy or rent a parking space at your house;
  • have an electric car or plug-in hybrid, with a minimum driving range of 45 kilometers and a (provisional) purchase or lease contract.



How we make electric driving faster, smarter and easier

Together with governments and companies, we are busy accelerating the developments in electric driving every day. The sooner we can drive fossil-free, the better. How do we do it? Read on.



Fast charging at a charging station at McDonald's

At countless McDonald's restaurants, you can charge your electric car in half an hour.

Faster charging with Flexpower

Flexpower charging stations take into account off-peak and peak hours and know whether the sun is shining. This way you charge even more sustainably.

Proactive placement in Brabant and Limburg

Until recently, charging stations were only installed on request. Thanks to our smart algorithm, we now also place them proactively.