You can charge your electric car at a charging station with a charging card or credit card. With a lease card you automatically settle the electricity costs with your employer or your own company.


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Get access to a fast-growing charging network with our InCharge charging card, with more than 85,000 charging stations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


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Also possible: Charging with your credit card
Download our InCharge app and link your credit card to the app. This allows you to charge without a charging card at all our Vattenfall InCharge charging stations. You can find those charging stations in the app. Important to know: You can only pay by credit card at Vattenfall InCharge charging stations. With our InCharge charging card, you can go to Vattenfall InCharge charging stations and those of other providers.

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Tip: Charging with your credit card

If you have a credit card, you can use the Vattenfall InCharge app instead of your charging card. All you need to do is register your credit card. All your charging sessions will then be automatically debited from your credit card.


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Charge your electric car in 5 steps 

  • Plug your charging cable into your car and the charging station.
  • Hold your charging card in front of the card reader on the charging station.
  • The charging station will start charging your car.
  • When you want to stop charging, hold your charging card in front of the card reader again. 
  • The charging station will stop charging your car. You can disconnect the charging cable.


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No more benzine or diesel in your car, just electricity: An important step on the road to fossil-free living. See the most important topics around electric driving and charging.

Everything about electric driving




Every day we answer questions about electric driving and charging. We have listed the frequently asked questions for you here.



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