Doing what we are good at together

If you choose for final assembly your own mechanic will connect your chargers to your power connection. We then will connect the chargers to our platform.

Important for your technician

your technician has to go through these 4 steps when preparing final assembly. 




We take care of the assembly

The last step in the installation, the first step towards fossil-free living.



Delivery - step 1

We take care of the chargers. We can deliver these before we come to do the final assembly.



Installing - step 2

We do the assembly. This applies to chargers mounted on a pole or on the wall. Make sure all ground and excavation work is sorted before we come.

Connecting - step 3

We connect your charging station to the electricity grid. And at several stations we also connect the data cable. The cables are neatly connected from the ground or wall to your charging station.



The dataswitch - step 4

We also supply the data switch and connect it neatly in your (sub) distribution box.



Prepare for use - step 5

Finally, we prepare your charging station for immediate use. We'll set it up and test if it works. We don't drive away before the first car can charge.