What your technician should do

 To help your technician, we have indicated in color below what you and we are responsible for. Your own technician will install the power cables for the charging posts on your power connection and place the post, as you can see in red below. We connect the charging station and connect it to our platform, as you can see in green. That way we both do what we're good at.

Important for your technician

  • Determine in advance whether you want the charging station mounted on a wall or a pole. Order the post including concrete base directly from us, if you need it.
  • You must have a completely installed power cable for each charging station. At multiple charging points, you should also have a data cable ready that we will connect immediately. Install cables with a thickness according to the Alfen instruction manual and with an excess length of about 100cm. Do not forget to check the maximum length of the cable. Place the base in the ground and mount the post. Make sure you feed the cables through the pole of your charging station. When mounted on the wall, the cable must come out of the ground or wall close to where your charging point comes. The Alfen Eve Double Pro works with a SIM card. So make sure that there is a good signal strength of at least -75dBm at the mounting point. If this is not the case, we will supply an additional modem or router. Call us at 088 363 7991 or request a callback. We like to think along with you!
  • Ensure the power cables are correctly connected in the (sub) distribution box and include this immediately in the electrical installation drawings. Make sure that the measurement reports of the installation work in accordance with NEN1010 are ready. Then our installer can always read it if necessary.
  • Make sure that the power supply of the charging stations has a lockable main switch.
  • For our final assembly, we need to know exactly where the charging station will be. Clearly indicate the location for our installer. Also make sure there are no items in the way. Then our installer can do his job easily, quickly, and safely.
  • Sometimes our installer may ask to carry out switching operations in the (sub) distribution box. We will always discuss with you in advance whether this is necessary. Make sure you are ready to do so on the day of installation.

Check before you get started

Everything in accordance with legislation

We make sure that the installation complies with all laws and regulations. That means, for example, according to protocols NEN1010 and NEN3140.


Follow instructions

Make sure everything is mounted according to the instructions on this page. This way you avoid extra costs and our installer can get to work immediately.

Avoid extra costs

We may have to have more work than was agreed during the preparation of the quotation. We charge for that additional work. That is why it is important that you provide the best possible information about the situation around your charging station.

Instruction manual

Here you will find the manual for the Alfen Double Pro-line. Make sure that the charging station is mounted according to the instructions.

Read the instruction manual




We take care of the assembly

The last step in the installation, the first step towards fossil-free living.

  • We take care of the charging stations. We can deliver these before we come to do the final assembly.
  • We do the assembly. This applies to charging stations mounted on a pole or on the wall. This means that we assume that all ground and excavation work has been completed. Make sure this is sorted before we come.
  • We connect your charging station to the electricity grid. And at several stations we also connect the data cable. The cables are neatly connected from the ground or wall to your charging station.
  • We also supply the data switch and connect it neatly in your (sub) distribution box.
  • Finally, we prepare your charging station for immediate use. We'll set it up and test if it works. We don't drive away before the first car can charge.



We're happy to help you on your way

If you have a question, you can reach us by phone on working days between 08.00 and 20.00 at: 088 363 79 91. Prefer a callback? That's also possible, just click on call me back and we'll get in touch with you soon.