Alfen Eve Double

The safe and sturdy charging point Alfen Eve Double has 2 charging points. You can easily expand up to 100 charging points on a cluster. You also benefit from independence: If one charging point has a malfunction, the other charging stations will continue to work. You also have the option to display your company logo digitally on the screen.


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  • Casing: Sturdy and modern
  • Number of charging points: 2 for simultaneous charging of 2 electric vehicles
  • Input: Type 2, universal for all electric vehicles
  • Charging capacity: Up to 22kW (when one car is charging) or up to 11kW (when two cars are charging)
  • Starting and stopping: With a charge card (RFID)
  • Dimensions: 590 x 338 x 230 mm (L x W x D)
  • Display: 7 inch full colour (320 x 240 pixels)
  • Status symbols: LED icons
  • Certifications: Including IEC 61851:2017 – IEC 61851:2017
  • Mounting: On the wall (no extra costs) or on a stand (one time fee of € 271 excl. VAT)

Extra option

Dynamic load balancing

Ensures optimal distribution of available electrical power. If you use less power indoors, more power will go to the charging point and vice versa. This way you prevent overload, power failure, and possible costs for a grid reinforcement.



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