If your home charging station has an outage and your electric car does not start charging, you can try a number of things. On this page you can read what you can do.

  • Check if the charging station is turned on

    Check if other devices in the house are working
    If not, there is probably a power outage.

    Check if the circuit breaker in your meter box is turned on 
    Switched down or 'O' is turned OFF. Switched up or 'I' is turned ON. If the RCD is off, turn it back on and try charging the car again.

    If there is no power outage and the circuit breaker is also turned on 
    Reset the charging station. Do this by switching off your charging station for one minute and then switching it on again. Then try to charge again.

  • Check if your charging cable is properly connected

    Look if the charging cable is well connected to your car and to the charging station. If there is a fixed cable at the charging station, check whether you can charge with your separate charging cable at a public charging station. If so, there is something wrong with your charging station or the fixed cable. In that case, call us on 088 363 7991 and choose '4' for 'outage'.

  • Check if your charging card and charging station are connected

    If you have a lease card
    Call us so that we can check whether your lease card (received via your employer, lease company or ordered via, for example, MultiTankcard, Travelcard or XXImo) is linked to your home charging point. We can be reached on working days between 08.00 and 20.00 on 088 363 7991.

    If you have a Vattenfall InCharge charging card
    Hold your charge card in front of the card reader of the charging station to start the charging session.

    If you hear a beep but the charging session does not start, log in on vattenfall.nl/myincharge. Check if your charging card is linked to your charging station. In our new online environment, click on 'Access management'. In our old online environment, click on 'Settings'. Then check 'Charging cards that charge for free' to see if your charge card is linked.
    If you have a lease car or receive a reimbursement for home charging, click on 'Settings' and look at 'Reimbursement at home (for lease drivers)'.

    If you don't hear a beep, check if your charging card is broken by using it at a public charging station.


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