With a charging station at home, you always have a place to charge. And you save on your electricity costs - at home you pay a lower electricity rate than at a public charging station. Read more about the benefits of our new promotion.

Choose from two different charing stations

Charge Amps Halo

From €899 now for €799 incl. VAT 

Small but powerful, that is the Charge Amps Halo.

This small charging station is delivered with a 7.5 meter fixed cable and automatically starts a charging session without having to hold the charge card in front of it first. The charging cable that belongs to the car may remain in the back.

  • Charging up to 11 kW
  • LAN connection
  • Fixed cable

Installation costs start from € 760


Alfen Eve Single

From €1240 now for €1140 incl. VAT

A top quality charging station produced in the Netherlands.

With the secure and sturdy Alfen Eve Single charging station, you can charge smart, simple, and fast. You can use smart charging features, view your online charging sessions, and manage your electricity costs if you drive for work.

  • Charging up to 22 kW
  • SIM card connection
  • Option for fixed cable and Dynamic Load Balancing

Installation costs start from € 760



Which charging station fits you?

Small but powerful

The Charge Amps Halo is the ideal charging station when just starting out with electric driving. The charging station is simple to operate, and you don't need a charging card.

To start a charging session, simply plug in the fixed cable. It's that easy. Due to its small size, this charging station fits in every driveway, or on every wall. The Charge Amps Halo is small but powerful, for an attractive price.



Smart Charging charge point

Perhaps you use heavy electrical equipment at home such as a heat pump or electric stove. In this case, the Alfen Eve Single is a better fit for you. For an extra €200,- we install Dynamic Load Balancing. This function divides the available power between your charging station and the devices in your house. This prevents the plugs from blowing. 



The online portal My InCharge

We connect your charging station to internet via a UTP cable or SIM card. So you can be connected to the online portal My InCharge. There you can see exactly how much power you have used and when. You can also manage your charging stations and charging cards there. If you drive for work, you can have the costs managed directly via the portal.

Tip: Increase your monthly installment

Because you will be charging your electric car at home, you will use more power. Don't forget to increase the monthly installment amount for your energy bill. This way you will avoid unexpectedly high annual fees.


More about monthly installments


Everything about electric driving

No more benzine or diesel in your car, just electricity: An important step on the road to fossil-free living. See the most important topics around electric driving and charging.

Everything about electric driving




Every day we answer questions about electric driving and charging. We have listed the frequently asked questions for you here.



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